Which criteria must my photos meet?

Your profile photo must feature only you. Photos in which you are not easily identifiable will not be accepted. You can add further photos to your gallery.

There is a size limitation of 12 MB.

Here are the characteristics of an acceptable profile photo:

  • it is a photo, and not a drawing
  • it is not a duplicate - it should not have been uploaded already
  • your face is alone, clearly visible and can be clearly identified
  • the quality has to be good, not blurred or pixelated
  • it should be the right way around and not at a 90° angle
  • the photo must be shot in good light.

Photos that feature friends/family, landscapes or are taken from a distance will only be visible in your gallery.

The following types of photo are not allowed:

  • Sexually explicit or indecent, offensive or otherwise inappropriate photos
  • Photos of a commercial nature
  • Those containing personal information (e.g. a phone number, name, address etc.)
  • Photos of unaccompanied children or minors

You can also add a title to your photos. The following content is not allowed:

  • Personal information (e.g. a phone number, name, etc.)
  • Sexually offensive or abusive content.

For more information, please have a look through our Terms and Conditions.